What is Geothermal Energy?

What is ground source heating (also called geothermal power)?  It’s not a new idea, though it has become more common now in this age of renewed environmental consciousness.  Our Bosch®technicians can come and give you an estimate on how much it would cost to begin to power your house inexpensively. How it works is beautifully simple.  Geothermal heat pumps are able to heat, cool, and, if so equipped, supply homes and buildings with hot water. A geothermal heat pump system consists of a heat pump, an air delivery system (ductwork), and a heat exchanger—a system of pipes buried in shallow ground. In the winter, the heat pump removes heat from the heat exchanger and pumps it into the indoor air delivery system. In the summer, the process is reversed, and the heat pump moves heat from the indoor air into the heat exchanger. The heat removed from the indoor air during the summer can also be used to provide a free source of hot water. (Source US Dept. of Energy) What that means for you is clean, responsible, cheap energy. We offer service throughout Lincoln County and Ritzville.

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